We put together some of our most frequently asked questions so you could shop free of worries. If your question isn't here, reach out to us by emailing support@aseterra.com or message us on our social media platforms and we will gladly provide you with an answer.


  • "Are these cruelty free?"

Yes! Àse Terra does not test on animals, and currently we do not use any animal products. If an animal byproduct is used, it will be included in the product description of that individual item.

  • "What does palm free mean?"

Palm free means that we do not use palm tree oil in any of our products. Due to deforestation and the decline of land for animals who call the forest their home, we decided against using palm oil. The first step to becoming sustainable is making sure our ingredients do not cause a harmful footprint.

  • "Can these cure my acne, eczema, hyperpigmentation etc.?"

We cannot make any claims that these products will cure your skin/pre-existing medical conditions but we can say that these products will give you a greater appreciation for using ingredients you can understand and identify while enjoying the benefits of the ingredients.

  • "Am I supposed to use the soap on my face or my body?"

You can use it for both! After you do a patch test on a small area of skin to ensure you are not allergic (hopefully you checked with the ingredients first before purchasing!) you can use the soap on your face or body. Just be sure to follow up with your favorite moisturizer afterwards.

  • "Can I use the whipped body butter meringue on my face?"

Yes you can, it actually makes a great oil based makeup remover! We do suggest to use it sparingly on your face as it is typically meant for the body due to it's rich butters. 

  • "How long can I keep my products before they go bad?"

We recommend you use the bar soap within 6 months after purchasing to ensue that your bar is being used during it's maximum quality. Soap technically does not go bad, but the oils used during saponification can go rancid and leave unpleasant smelling soap. So please be sure to use within a 6 month period!